FRIPRO developed and traditionally produced devices and components for
process instrumentation and automation technology. The aim is to attract
customers for it and also to gain and sustain care.

The focus is on
Liquid level, level and pressure measurement technique,

System technology for water, for environmental as well as for the biogenic energy industry,
   for agriculture, for mining and geology. For the safe operation of barrages reliable devices
   are detecting water levels and their signaling available.

● For preventive flood protection affordable water level control and signaling devices can be
   offered and are designed and manufactured as special solutions based on the existing

FRIPRO is not only a manufacturer, but is a provider of technology solutions for consumer support of the aforementioned areas.

The technical requirements are available and are on a very high technical level to quality, Made in Germany! produce.

The production of all devices and components are certified according to requirements of ISO 9001 in combination with the DIN 14675th.